OQ Creator Spotlight: Sebastien Brusset, Lead Product Designer

OQ Creator Spotlight: Sebastien Brusset, Lead Product Designer

Meet OQ's Lead Product Designer, Sebastien Brusset, the creative mind behind the inaugural OQ launch eyewear collection. 

We sat down with Sebastien to find out what inspires him and understand his creative process. 

Tell us about the design inspiration for the first OQ collection. 

The team sought inspiration from interesting, urban environments and architecture across Canada and Europe, adding personal touches and detailing to represent the style and characters of our team members and friends - ultimately the people we are designing for.

Naturally I am influenced by my hometown of Lyon. It is an amazing place where different styles mix together, and where art and lifestyle are perfectly balanced to drive inspiration. I live in an area called La Confluence, which is ultra avant-garde. It boasts many different styles of architecture, especially metallic surfaces on buildings that catch the light and reflect the colours in a really special way.

Describe your creative process.

I try to think outside the box and take inspiration from everywhere, beyond the medium or product I am designing for. I will collect material that could fuel the initial inspiration, and I encouraged the team to look for inspiration from nature, architecture and everywhere... And to breathe a lot!

While drawing, I always begin with a quick rough sketch, just to store the idea. I really think more like a sculptor than a drawer, and so I need to pass through a 3D concept to validate my ideas first.

Finally I will draw the front shapes of the final model, but shapes are the end of the creative process for me.

What are the notable products used? 

We use high quality acetate in the collection as this is one of the historical materials used in the eyewear industry. This material is also amazing in the way it catches the light. It feels like it’s alive! When it is in expert hands, you obtain a perfect polishing - a piece of art.

Some of the colors we have used are exclusive to OQ, such as London Weather, an effect we’re really proud to have developed.

What excites you about OQ’s launch collection? 

For me, this collection is full of emotion due to the materials we used, and because we can share it with everyone, not just the elite.

It is also the human adventure that we shared as a team. I’m proud to work with whole OQ team, and proud to say my work will be worn by our team, friends and customers.

The eyes are the mirror to the soul as we say in France. And I believe eyewear is the glorifier of this window. With the OQ collection, you can represent your soul through beautiful, subtle variations. That’s so exciting isn’t it?!

For me the OQ team offered open possibilities to play with different material. I don’t believe any other eyewear collection in the world uses such a variety of materials.

Sebastien has over 20 years of experience in the eyewear industry, having also worked with brands including Tag Heuer, Leica and Sonia Rykiel, as well as on Savile Row. Sebastien’s team has been hand selected after developing their craft at Prada, ZANZAN and Götti among others.