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What's included for $145:

- 1.5 index prescription lenses
- Anti reflection, anti glare, scratch resistant coatings
- 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
- Handcrafted quality acetate or stainless steel frames.
- Free shipping!

Martel's thin, lightweight acetate bends provide an air of sophistication. Why wait? Let the intellectual in you radiate out in these show stopping frames.


We cut our prescription lenses locally to ensure extra precision and a speedy turn around for our customers in each region. All of our lenses include anti-glare & anti-scratch lens coating.

We use a mixture of Italian and Chinese acetate to ensure your frames last as long as you love them (and that’s a long time!).

Quality & Manufacturing

Ollie Quinn eyewear is a truly global product. We know that talent doesn’t come from just one place, so by carefully hand picking the highest quality parts from all around the world, we’ve been able to create a premium product and keep the price affordable.

Our in-house designed frames are assembled and manufactured in Hong Kong, where we maintain a close eye on quality control and maintain a close relationship with the owner.


Frame Width (A): 138mm

Bridge Width (B): 20mm

Lens Depth (C): 42mm

Lens Diameter (D): 47mm

Size: Medium

Thickness: Medium

Temple Length (E): 145mm


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*Varifocals lenses are available in-store.

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What is Blue Light?

Blue light from screens can cause headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain. This coating assists with blocking the potentially harmful (blue) HEV light emitted by screens (computers, TVs, tablets, phones etc.).

Do I need thin lenses

Standard prices quoted include our standard index lenses [1.5 index] which is suitable for people with a combined prescription strength up to -/+ 3 (total of sph and cyl on your prescription). For those who have a stronger prescription, we offer thin high index lenses [1.6] for $50 more and for prescriptions with a combined strength over -/+4 we offer ultra thin high index lenses [1.67] for $100 more. Our thinnest lenses [1.74] are only available in-store.

NB, Ontario. If ordering thinner lenses, you will need to come in-store for our trained members of staff to take some extra measurements specific to your frame choice. 

Varifocals Online

We highly recommend having a Virtual Assistance appointment before ordering varifocals online as almost all issues arise from frame choice and fit. You can book this via the Appointments link in our menu at the top of the page or side if on mobile. 

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