Create Your Own Vision: Christina Disler


Christina Disler is the founder of Werklab, a holistic wellness and co-working community based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Born in 2016, Werklab has since expanded to a whopping 12,500 sq ft. and now houses 175 business owners and their teams. In addition to providing its members space to run their businesses, Werklab offers wellness services including pilates, yoga, and meditation classes, as well as an in-house Reiki energy healer.

After struggling with academia and the linear pathway defined for her during her upbringing, Disler found her way to entrepreneurship through a career in human resources.
“I went on to open Werklab, where we support humans to be the best versions of themselves — to look inward and work on themselves, and through that work, elevate their businesses.”

The co-working world is booming, with more and more businesses opting to forgo the traditional office setting for a more cost-effective, collaborative work environment. Werklab offers the traditional elements of a co-working space, but puts wellness at the forefront for a more holistic approach to what work can be.
When talking about the year to come, Disler says she prefers the art of setting intentions over making yearly resolutions. She strives to work those intentions into her daily life, so her goals grow into non-negotiable habits. At the same time, she strives to strike a balance between thinking ahead and getting caught up in what the future may or may not bring.

“It’s easy to get future-focused and bypass the current moment,” says Disler. “If we live with that future-focused mindset, anxiety can creep in and present a lack of satisfaction and gratitude for all that’s been accomplished.”
Werklab and Disler will both continue to grow as the year moves forward. Disler aims to bring wellness to the workplace on a larger scale, beyond the city of Vancouver.

“Our ethos is applicable to everyone,” says Disler. “
We continue to create experiences that elevate and connect the global collective.” 
Stay tuned for Werklab’s next big project, aimed at doing just that - launching Summer 2019.
Photography by: Kezia Nathe
Written by: Jocelyn Tennant, Writer & OQ Commercial Drive Manager