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Where do your products come from?

OQ eyewear is a truly global product. We know that talent doesn’t come from just one place, so by carefully hand picking the highest quality parts from all around the world, we’ve been able to create a premium product and keep the price affordable. It’s taken hard work but we’re really happy with the final product and excited about unveiling our first OQ collection.

Here’s how:
We cut our prescription lenses locally to ensure extra precision and a speedy turn around for our customers in each region. We trust the sturdy structure of our German hinges and use a mixture of Italian and Chinese acetate to ensure you frames last as long as you love them (and btw, that’s a long time). Finally, our in-house designed frames are assembled and manufactured in Hong Kong, where we maintain a close eye on quality control.

It’s a truly international effort that has been thought out very carefully and something that we’re proud of sharing.

What are your frames made out of?

Our frames are made from the highest quality Italian or Chinese acetate, depending on the lenses. Each sheet of acetate can take up to 10 weeks to create and all frames are cut individually. This means that every frame is unique.

Tell me about your lenses?

We believe in using the finest lenses with all the additional options as standard, not extras. We use 1.50 index multi-coat lenses, which means they have anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings. Each pair is fitted by expert technicians through our laboratory in Vancouver. Our suppliers provide lenses to Optometrists throughout the Canada.

Lens Profile

We are not about “upselling”, we help to guide you on a lens choice that represents the best value. If you elect thinner lenses; please understand that the thickness of the lens is still contingent on your prescription. Your eyes are YOUR eyes and if those eyes need a high prescription we cannot guarantee there will be no lens visible at the side of your frame. For high prescriptions choosing a frame with the appropriate lens size will make a substantial difference to the amount of lens that may show. Please ask for guidance in store, if you are unsure.

Frame Availability

We do not mass produce! Which is super cool, though, it does mean there is a limited number of each frame. All orders are subject to availability, frames are not reserved. On rare occasions we may run out of stock on a frame. In these circumstances, we will notify you by phone or email in advance and offer a choice of substitute or a full refund.

Can I order frames without lenses?

Absolutely. We will happily send you the frame only if you need to have your lenses fitted elsewhere. These will arrive with the same multicoat used on our prescription lenses so they will also look great if you just wear glasses for fashion.


Why are the glasses so cheap? Am I missing something?

By side-stepping traditional optical sales methods, cutting prescription lenses locally, as well as working directly with manufacturers to remove the need for intermediaries and unnecessary mark-ups, OQ is able to provide premium and creative design at an affordable price.

Are all frames really one price?

As an independent company, OQ is able to keep prices fair – while still using the best quality materials - by designing all frames in-house and only selling via its own boutiques.  In order to make the process easy, honest and open, this starts with offering one price point of $125 across all frames, including single vision prescription lenses.

If you have a very strong prescription, there may be an small additional cost associated with thinning your lenses to create the most comfortable eyewear. Our in-store optometrists are able to advise you on whether this is necessary.

We also offer full eye exams with certified optometrists at most store locations who can help you ensure optimal eye health, and can help you with your varifocal prescription.

Prescription and Eye Care

What prescriptions do you cover?

We make it our policy to only process orders with valid prescriptions. This means you've had an eye exam within the last 2 years at the time of order. If it's been longer than 2 years, it's time to get them checked again.

We are unable to fill orders complex scripts online as we like to closely assess the frame fit and take some measurements. Please note also that progressive lenses are not available for purchase online.

Online we currently only offer our standard index lenses. If your script is strong and we think you would benefit from upgrading to thinner lenses we will contact you before finalising your order.

How do I get my prescription?

Simply visit your local Optometrist to get your eyes tested. Once you have your prescription, email us a copy or send us the details of the practice and we will request a copy on your behalf.

Can I get high-index lenses?

We offer a range of high-index, multifocal and other more complex lenses in all of our boutiques. However for online orders you will only see our standard index lenses for simple prescriptions. The reason for this is that we encourage all customers with stronger prescriptions to visit us in store so that we can check the fit and take a couple of measurements. Your eyesight is our number one concern. If you place an order online and we notice your script looks a little more complicated than usual we will be in touch via either phone or email to work out your best option.

What if I have an astigmatism?

No problem. Many of our customers have astigmatism, and it is no trouble to fill these orders.

What is my Pupillary Distance (PD)?

Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the centre of both pupils in millimetres. The PD is required by our optical technicians to fit your lenses accurately and achieve the most effective and comfortable outcome for you.

Shipping and Returns

Where do you ship in USA?

At this time we are able to ship to most United States with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

We are unable to ship to other U.S. territories, APO/FPO/DPO and P.O. Boxes.

For Canadian addresses visit us at -

For UK addresses visit us at -

What is your Returns Policy?

For orders placed online: we are happy to accept returns and provide a full refund at any time within the first 30 days. All we require is for you to send your order back to us or drop it in store and we can take it from there.

More importantly, if there is ever any issue with your OQ’s let us fix it! Frames, lenses or any other part of our product, please call us or send an email and we will do our best to sort it out straight away.

When will my glasses arrive?

Please allow 2 weeks for your glasses. In addition to our production lead time typical Canadian delivery is within seven days and not more than three weeks. If you have any questions about order timelines or ETA’s please send us an email to

Frame Adjustments

The great thing about choosing a high quality product like ours is that we can adjust it to specifically fit your gorgeous head shape. We can obviously only do this in store and you’re more than welcome to call in as many times as you like to make sure it’s perfect. Or just drop in to chat frames. We love to chat frames.

My frames don't fit perfectly, what should I do?

If your frames don’t fit properly or you have any other concerns please ring or email us straight away so we can help. Links to each of our locations are above, and we are always happy to help in-store. If this is not convenient please call your nearest store and we will arrange for a return or advise on options to ensure you get the perfect fit.


You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your glasses are ready for collection or to ship. Please be sure you have given accurate contact details.

Insurance and Payment

Are my OQ prescription glasses covered by my health insurance?

Absolutely! All our lenses are installed and checked by qualified and experienced optical dispensers in Vancouver. There are some variations as to eligibility and claim amount depending on your policy, though that is simply a matter of which policy you have.

How do I make a claim from my health fund?

We can provide you with an authorized receipt to make a claim from your health fund.

The website isn't displaying properly, what should I do?

Try refreshing your browser or visiting our site from a different browser. Give your nearest boutique a call or, even better, come and visit us in person!