Falling for Autumn

Falling for Autumn

This past winter, we welcomed London-based singer/song-writer, Autumn Sherif to our Putney boutique to film her latest music video in our collaborative co-working space. We sat down with the up-and-coming musician to chat all things music, style and how she creates her own vision.

How did you get into singing and music?

From when I was a little kid, I would obsess over the jingles in commercials. Watching people like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Beyoncé on the TV, I felt super-connected to their characters and genius talent. Writing has always been my outlet too; from writing about silliness to feeling sad or being happy. I would always make up songs about how I felt, and performed them for friends and family.

What was your inspiration for this Ariana Grande mash-up?

I love singing songs by artists who inspire me, and this particular mash-up was designed to honour and send my respects to Ariana, herself. As an up-and-coming female artist, it’s been amazing to witness her career in real time. I worked on the video with my incredible team and band, each of whom greatly influenced how the video turned out.

Who else inspires you as a musician?

Michael, Whitney, Beyoncé, etc. Almost all the music legends.

You have amazing style! Who/what/where do you draw inspiration from for your wardrobe?

Thanks! I’m falling in love with fashion. I do get a lot of help in that department. My manager has a great eye for colours, shapes and we pick things out together. I have stylist friends, and that helps too!

Our tagline at OQ is Create Your Own Vision – how would you say you create your own vision?

I create my own vision by doing whatever I can everyday to achieve my dreams – a little goes a long way. I believe if you are consistent and dedicated, you are able to achieve anything.

What are your plans for the next few months? What can we expect to see from you for the rest of 2019?

Music, music, music ! I’m working hard to create the best art I possibly can. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Video, photos and words via Autumn and her team.